Each item is individually hand crafted to order from reclaimed materials. Precise colour, texture, and dimension will vary slightly.

Due to the nature of the materials and production processes, slight marks and inconsistencies will be present.  This is an integral part of the story of the product. 

For personalisation all characters are aligned by eye and stamped by hand.  Alignment and spacing will not be precise, this is part of the handmade nature of our items.


All our metals used are 100% solid (absolutely no plating) and will therefore last a very long time, however like all metals they will tarnish with wear.  This will be accelerated by contact with perfumes, oils and creams. 

All our metals can be easily brought back to a bright shine with an appropriate metal cleaning cloth.  See our 'Extras' section should you wish to purchase some specialist polishing pads.

Any silver used is commercially purchased solid sterling silver.

If you have selected leather for your item then, like all leather, it will appreciate a little feeding.  Any neutral leather cream will do the job, or a touch of coconut oil, or even just a little of your skin moisturiser will feed it.  Use just a little and rub it in well to avoid it transferring to clothes.

In the fullness of time the cord on items will start to wear.  We offer a full rethread and repair service to keep your item looking good.  See our 'Extras' section for further rethread & repair details.

Please note our woven nylon cord is very hard wearing and will look good for considerably longer than the natural leather or cotton cords.  It has been manufactured in Germany by the same family since 1866.  

If your glass beads start to look a little 'chalky' then smear a SMALL amount of vaseline between your palms then gently rub the beads between your hands.